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CE Insurance Services

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Celebrating over 20 years in business!                                  Celebrating over 20 years in business!


Insurance jobs, assisting in your insurance career and making you aware of insurance  employment opportunities are our top priorities.

Our Mission

CE Insurance Services was founded in 1989 with the objective of offering the highest level of quality staffing support available to the Insurance Industry.  Our commitment is to serve you today in a manner that will earn us an invitation to serve you again in the future.

Our Clients

The firm numbers among its clients the largest and most successful national companies, brokerage houses and agencies as well as successful regional organizations.

Our Consultants

Our search consultants have over one hundred years of accumulated Insurance Industry experience in either a Management, Sales, Claims, Underwriting, Financial or Human Resource capacity.

Contact Information

Please feel free to reach us at the location below.

(813) 348-0554
Mail address:
6012 Yeats Manor Drive, Unit 102
          Tampa, FL 33616
Electronic mail:
General Information:

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