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Code of Ethical Practice

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Celebrating over 20 years in business!                                  Celebrating over 20 years in business!


We undertake:

(1) To declare any potential conflict of interest to the client before agreeing to undertake any assignment.

(2) To ensure that our terms of business are fully understood by the client before undertaking any job order or referral.

(3) To respect the confidentiality of any information about the client or the candidate which may be potentially harmful if released to outside third parties.

(4) To retain the anonymity of the client until clearance for disclosure has been given.

(5) Not to release any candidate's information to a client until that candidate has been contacted and permission received.

(6) To abide by the provisions of all relevant legislation relating to our industry.  This includes equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation.

(7) Not to induce a candidate to leave a client company under any circumstances if a fee has been previously received for that candidate.

(8) To maintain regular contact with both the client and the candidate during the recruitment process.

(9) Not to withhold any information about the client or candidate which might influence the other's decision.

(10) To take references on a candidate in an objective and professional manner; once mutual interest has been established by both parties, but with deference to the candidate's confidentially prior to an offer being made and accepted.

(11) Any client company involved in on-going and regular search business with CE Insurance Services will be deemed hands off for any Executive Search activity.

(12) Candidates will be given objective and professional feedback following the interview with the prospective employer, be treated with dignity at all times, and constructively counseled when appropriate.

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