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Celebrating over 20 years in business!                                  Celebrating over 20 years in business!


Please utilize the below links to assist in answering your relocation and insurance industry related questions. 


National Relocation Assistance Links:

Cost of Living Calculator Compare your current compensation to the city you are relocating to.  This "cost of living" feature lets you compare cities side-by-side in all the categories you need. 


Insurance Industry Publications and Designations:

Best Review Insurance Trade Publication / Company Rating Guide
CPCU Society Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters
National Underwriter Property and Casualty Insurance Industry Publication
National Underwriter Life and Health Insurance Industry Publication
SCLA Senior Claims Law Associate


Fact Sheet 16: 
Employment Background Checks:

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse This link will provide important information on employment background checks.  We highly suggest that you go to Part 9. "How to Prepare for a Background Check" for a link on how to request a free copy of your credit report, per State.  You will be able to view your credit history immediately as well as dispute any discrepancies, with the three leading reporting agencies, in your report.   (Credit Reports may not be available in all States at this time.)  

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