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Celebrating over 20 years in business!                                  Celebrating over 20 years in business!



The Client Company provides us with the job opportunity; the opportunity description, the range of compensation and incentives, any special requirements, employee benefits, and the desired interviewing process.  (The more thorough the initial job order interview is with you, the client company, the more efficient and successful we can be in fulfilling all of your needs and desires for the position).


1. We first research and develop a specific network that will lead to the location of the most qualified candidates, preferably local therefore eliminating relocation costs.

2. We then search out candidates who are not necessarily in the active job market, but who will consider a change for promotion and enlarged opportunities.

3. Simultaneously, we search our files, data base, and our prospect lists for known candidates currently employed but interested in opportunities as they are presented.

4. We also search the candidate inventory for persons of excellent quality but who have been "victims' of corporate re-structuring, acquisitions, or change of objectives.

5. Finally, for your interviewing consideration, we present the best prescreened candidate.  Second and third choices are also presented, if desired.


1. We present the candidate verbally or in resume format after we have telephone interviewed or personally interviewed the candidate with benefit of our data sheet and their resume information. We then answer any preliminary questions you may have and seek your initial interest.

2. We arrange interviews, telephone or personal, for preliminary and further evaluation as appropriate. We discuss results of these interviews with the candidate and you in order to determine interest levels and clear up any points of concern.

3. We perform and submit typed reference checks or provide you with the references you require for an in-depth check of professional background, education credentials, and personal characteristics.

4. When appropriate, and at your direction, we discuss the candidate's salary expectations, your salary thoughts, present the offer to the candidate, clear any problems, secure acceptance of the offer, and arrange a starting date.  We continue contact with the candidate to assist him or her in dealing with the fear of change and in preparing for the resignation process, and assuring his or her reporting to you as agreed. We keep you informed of our progress through the starting date.



1. We review with you the candidate's progress after thirty days on the job to determine your satisfaction or to assist in any way possible.  With your agreement, we also contact the new employee to determine his/her progress and clear up any points of concern.


1. CE Insurance Services offers both Contingency and Retained Search Services to our client companies.  The Retained Search format is preferred and recommended for Management Searches, particularly those searches over $80,000.00 in annual salary.

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